Saturday, February 28, 2015

A few more photos of Vikram Pahlwan and his kushti freinds

Friday, February 27, 2015

Practicing at his Akhda

In this video, Vikram Pahlwan seems practicing Kushti in his village Akhada, Ferozabad , India.

Kushti videos of Vikram Pahlwan

Vikram Pahlwan fights at a traditional local wrestling competition, watch the kushti of Vikram Pahlwan. These photos shows Vikram pahlwan standing with cousin brother at his roadside (hotel) eatery.  


Kushti at Vikram Pahlwan's Village Akhada

These are few old photos of Vikram Yadav Pahlwan, Showing him using his field at his home as practice Akhada, and other things he put to use , freinds of village and other pahlwan are handy to help him practice. These pictures shows that in any case , and in the absence of anything wrestling lovers play it and practice it. There are also a few videos of Vikram Pahlwan in which he is fighting kushti matches on mat and on clay fields.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Let's Talk about Kushti :- Vikram palwan and his family -Ferojabad

Kushti culture in and around Ferojabad, Uttar Pardesh India, is quite popular among young boys. it is like a culture and It has been in their blood since their father and forefather used to play it. Kushti needs total devotion, hence, pursuing any other skills becomes difficult. Things very adverse here now a days, Kushti School are on decline , and young boys who practice has to find something for their livelihood, when they turns teenagers. There are meagre opportunities of employment, except working as a labourer at a Brik - Klin or a glass bangle factory. This is to story of fallen dreams , but hard will to embrace the sport at any cost Thanks, Pahalwan ji ( Deepak A.P.)